Baby Blood aka The Evil Within 1990

Baby Blood (aka The Evil Within) is a 1990 French horror film directed by Alain Robak.

A glutton extraterrestrial parasite has spent several decades in the past to culminate its only dearest wish: To be born of a human (it is very interested in human nature and behavior). In order to kindle the evil plan, the wicked being deliberately bends on chasing a plump human body just for fulfilling the insatiable thirst of – human blood. Here-to-fore, the story incidentally takes an uncouth turn.

A voluptuous circus acrobat named Yanka (Emmanuelle Escourrou) has been tormented and abused by her husband for years who is an owner of the circus where she works and there is no love lost between the two. But one day when a leopard is demanded and caged in the circus zoo, its life inexplicably comes to an end soon. However, in the mean time, the surviving extraterrestrial parasite casts the body off the carcass, raids Yanka’s original fetus, and stealthily slips into her womb unseen. The aftermath goads a reluctant and helpless Yanka into the hideous act of endless carnage just only on to pamper the evil fetus with gallons of blood and the ultimate mother’s milk is Baby Blood.


  • There is a sign for “Baby Blood 2” outside one of the buildings in the movie.
  • The titular canine star of the hit French comedy Baxter (1989) makes a cameo appearance in the film.
  • Jennifer Lien’s voice-over debut.

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