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Happy Birthday Willem Dafoe! July 22



Willem Dafoe

Willem Dafoe




WilliamWillemDafoe (born July 22, 1955) is an American film and stage actor, and a founding member of the experimental theatre company The Wooster Group. He is best known for his roles in To Live and Die in L.A.(1985), Platoon (1986) , The Last Temptation of Christ (1988) , Shadow of the Vampire (2000), Mississippi Burning (1988), The Boondock Saints (1999), American Psycho (2000) and the Spider-Man(2002-2007) films.

"Shadow of the Vampire"

Dafoe as Max Schrek in "Shadow of the Vampire"


Dafoe as the Green Goblin in Spiderman Films
Dafoe as the Green Goblin in Spiderman Films

His high school nickname, Willem, stuck with him.

He did practically all of his own stunts on the glider in Spider-Man (2002). So when you see the Green Goblin moving around on it, when it’s not CG, then it’s Willem pretty much the whole time.

The only actor to ever be nominated for an Oscar for playing a vampire, for his role as Max Schrek in Shadow of the Vampire (2000).

John Malkovich, Nicolas Cage, and Dafoe were all approached to play the Green Goblin in Spider-Man (2002). Dafoe and Malkovich starred in Shadow of the Vampire (2000) together, while Cage produced the film. Dafoe ended up getting the Spider-Man role.

Was a candidate for the role of the Joker in Batman (1989).

 Check out more information about Willem Dafoe’s new film “Antichrist”:
Willem Dafoe goes to therapist for new movie ‘Antichrist’


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Big Foot and Coors Light and Bill Parcells

During football season Coors light created its own version of Bigfoot to add to the list.  This commercial is one in the series where during a “press conference” fans ask a coach some questions that gets back to great tasting beer!  The coaches are cleverly cut into the ad using real footage from previous press conferences.  This paticular ad features coach Bill Parcells.  I like the beginning where a fan says “Coach!  I have a question…”I love cold coors light””  and Parcells answers “well…that’s not really a question.”…awkward…then later a nervous looking fan asks Parcells “Coach…do you believe in Bigfoot?” (signaling with is eyes to his side where Bigfoot is standing) Of course no one else seems to be worried….yikes!


See for yourself : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqJu4rEKsEw

Big Foot and Converse

Converse has a version of sasquatch that does not have the detailed special effects makeup of the previous ads, but it makes for a humorous encounter none the less!

Conversesas Check out the commercial here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHA0aBUDsW8

The lead actor has some large feet!!

Sasquatch and Ask.com

Ask.com has a clever Bigfoot commercial that has no dialog but plays the Bob Welch song “Sentimental Lady” (1977) in the background while Bigfoot goes on Ask.com and keys in “small talk” then clicks on “impressing girls”…and he does!

Asksas This is bigfoot after shaving his facial hair in order to impress his date!

See the commercial here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjULpc8DsN4

Bigfoot and Stone Cold Creamery

Stonecoldsas Stone Cold Creamery has run a TV commercial that shows Bigfoot walking up to the doors of the store as the narrator says “Bigfoot approaches a Cold Stone Creamery…inside he sees a hunter, and Sasquatch enthusiast, and a Brazilian bikini waxer…”

See the commercial here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1QrI5pmj1I

Bigfoot and TV commercials

Messin With SasquatchI am thrilled about the recent onslaught of bigfoot or sasquatch related commercials I have seen.  Many commercial advertisers see the humor and fun in using this iconic creature.  I will share a few of the commercials I’ve noticed use bigfoot as their star.  Most notably to start is Jack Links brand Beef Jerky.  They have run a series of commercials titled “Messin with Sasquatch”

 The premise of all the ads is that a group of hikers will play practical jokes on sasquatch as he is going along doing living his life in the forrest.  They may succeed…but soon find that Sasquatch doesn’t have a sense of humor!

There are several great commercials in this series.  I’ve chosen some here: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJF0cuYbYyI]



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