Frightmare (1974)

Frightmare (also known as Cover Up and Once Upon a Frightmare) is a 1974 horror film directed by Pete Walker and written by Pete Walker and David McGillivray. It starred Rupert Davies and Sheila Keith. The story focuses around Dorothy and Edmund Yates, who have recently been released from a mental asylum, and is one of Pete Walker’s most notable films.



  • The film that the hero and heroine go to see on their date is La grande bouffe (1973), which deals with characters who set out to eat themselves to death – a touch of ironic humor in view of the plot of “Frightmare.” However, the dialogue we hear is not from “La Grande Bouffe but from Pete Walker’s previous film, House of Whipcord (1974).
  • The final film of Rupert Davies.
  • The final English-language film of Leo Genn.
  • Cast
      Rupert Davies … Edmund Yates
      Sheila Keith … Dorothy Yates
      Deborah Fairfax … Jackie
      Paul Greenwood … Graham
      Kim Butcher … Debbie
      Fiona Curzon … Merle
      Jon Yule … Robin
      Tricia Mortimer … Lillian
      Pamela Fairbrother … Delia


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