I Saw What You Did

I Saw What You Did (1965) is a Universal Pictures feature film starring Joan Crawford and John Ireland in a tale of murder. The screenplay by William P. McGivern was based upon the 1964 novel Out of the Dark by Ursula Curtiss. The film was directed and produced by William Castle, and co-produced by Dona Holloway. The 2002 widescreen DVD release used the film’s original 1965 poster title “I Saw What You Did” And I Know Who You Are!.


Joan Crawford was paid $50,000 for four days work.

After Joan Crawford joined the cast her role was meant to be a cameo, although she was given top billing.


Joan Crawford was approached for this film one month after she left Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964) due to an “ailment” that prevented her from working (which is believed to have actually been sick of working with her arch enemy Bette Davis). Therefore, William Castle requested that Crawford’s doctors sign a statement attesting that she was completely well before giving her the role.


During its original theatrical release some theaters installed seat-belts so you couldn’t be “shocked out of your seat”.


Joan Crawford’s role was originally offered to Grayson Hall, who would later join the cast of the enormously popular supernatural daytime soap opera “Dark Shadows” (1966) as Dr. Julia Hoffman, who tries to cure Barnabas Collins of being a vampire.


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