Invasion Earth: The Aliens are Here!  a 1988 Sci-fi/comedy film with none other than the legendary horror/sci-fi archivist and historian of props, Bob Burns, as “creature operator” for the film.

Insect-like aliens invade a small town. The local teenagers have been watching a sci-fi marathon in the local theater, and from those films they get ideas on how to fight the creatures. Written by Miller Drake. Directed by George Maitland.  Starring Janice Fabian, Christian Lee, Larry Bagby and Dana Young.

Make Up Department
  Kris Rosenberger … body makeup artist
  Kris Rosenberger … hair stylist
  Jim Towler … makeup artist (uncredited)Goremaster Makeup Effects Manual

Special Effects Department
  Roger George … special mechanical effects
  Alan Hoffman … creature consultant
  Donald J. Long … special effects assistant: credited as production assistant
  Michael McCracken … creature creator
  Lise Romanoff … special mechanical effects

Visual Effects Department
  Bob Burns … creature operator
  Tom Campbell … production assistant
  Steve Fagerquist … creature operator
  Eric Gerds … visual effects gaffer
  Judith Larsen … visual effects camera
  Rob Maine … visual effects assistant
  Carl Martin … graphic designer
  Pat McClung … visual effects second unit director
  Michael McCracken Jr. … creature crew
  Jim McPherson … creature crew
  Patrick Simmons … creature crew
  Dennis Skotak … visual effects supervisor
  Jim Towler … chief visual effects technician
  Mark Williams … model maker

Available for $17.99
Available for $17.99


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