How Its Made: Special Effects Makeup


“How Its Made” television episode showing how special effects makeup is used to make a young actress look older.

6 Degrees of separation with Rick Baker

Rick Baker is an Academy award winning makeup artist and considered by many to be a master in his field. His masterful work in the area Special Effects Makeup is without equal. His long list of credits as a special makeup effects artist include American Werewolf in London, Men in Black, Hellboy, Planet of the Apes and many, many more!      This is why you can trace pretty much any makeup artist or actor to the amazing Rick Baker in 6 steps (degrees) or less.




Rick Baker to John Carpenter


Rick Baker did makeup special makeup effects for the 1977 sci-fi horror movie “The Incredible Melting Man”. A story about an astronaut that returns to earth and starts to melt and murder! Ricks assistant makeup artist for the movie was Greg Cannom:


Greg Cannom was a special effects makeup artist for the classic 1987 comedy horror movie “The Lost Boys”. A story about young vampires feasting on beach goers. “Never grow old..never die” One of the young vampires named Marko was played by Alex Winter:


Alex Winter had a role in the 1985 crime drama (and sequel) “Death Wish 3”. A fantastic tale about a vigilante that takes out bad guys in

New York City

. The star of the movie was tough guy and all around bad ass named Charles Bronson. 

Charles Bronson played “The Tunnel King” Danny Velinski in the star studded 1963 feature “The Great Escape” A superbly crafted movie about POW’s in World War 2 who try to escape from a german prison camp. Also starring in the movie was the masterful Donald Pleasence:


Donald Pleasence played Dr. Sam Loomis in the 1978 horror thriller “Halloween”. This was the movie in which we would be introduced to the frighteningly unstoppable Michael Myers! The director and writer of this timeless tale is our subject – John Carpenter.


John Carpenter is known as “The Master of Terror”.


Zombie American Ch. 3 (Final Chapter)

The final chapter in the Zombie American “documentary” where we follow Glen shooting some hoops!

Zombie American Ch. 3

Zombie American Chapter 2

Here’s the second installment documenting Glen’s life as a Zombie American.  Trying the dating world.

Zombie American Ch. 2


In my quest to find more information about zombie life in America I have come across another personal account.  Actor Ed Helms aka “Andy” from the hit NBC series “The Office” and correspondent on “The Daily Show” has created 3 short films documenting another character living the zombie life.  His name is “Glen” and he’s a zombie.


More great zombie makeup work from Special Effects artist Anthony Pepe!!  Actor Ed Helms is hardly recognizable…that’s impressive latex mask work!  The contact lens help put him over the edge!

 Zombie American Ch. 1


Here’s the plot synopsis from Director Nick Poppy:

Meet Glen. Glen (Ed Helms of The Daily Show) likes to read, do crosswords, and play basketball. He’s on the lookout for a girlfriend. Oh, and one other thing-Glen is a Zombie-American. This educational documentary will help audiences understand the challenges zombies face in our society. As a plea for tolerance, it aims to clear up many of the terrible stereotypes and misconceptions we have about zombies. It is the filmmaker’s hope that this film will help people understand that zombies are just like everybody else…if everybody else is a walking, talking, rotting corpse.

Nothing Sacred (2008)

Nothing Sacred is a new Horror/Fantasy film by writer/directors Dylan Bank and Morgan Pehme.  The film synopsis is: To avenge their mother’s death, a pair of twins must kill their father before he can become immortal.

The special effects in the film help to move the plot along.  I especially liked a scene in which a creepy puppet seems to come to life and another involving a woman being possessed by a snake spirit. 

Makeup Special Effects artist Anthony Pepe worked on this film and did a great job!  Filmed on location throughout the United States, France, and Belgium, was released in both English and French versions.


The film stars French box-office sensation Thierry Lhermitte (The Dinner Game, French Fried Vacation), Philippe Nahon, the star of High Tension, and famed scream queen Debbie Rochon (Terror Firmer), alongside newcomers Alan Barnes Netherton and Naama Kates. Actor William Sadler is cast as the film’s villian.  Sadler is known for his roles in such films as Die Hard 2, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey and The Shawshank Redemption.

American Zombie (2007)

Just watched the Grace Lee film “American Zombie” (2007).  I thought it was a terrific commentary…and comedy about American “zombie” life.  Great makeup special effects created by Yoko Nobushi.  Nobushi has serveral films upcoming films including “One-Eyed Monster” (2008) with Charles Napiar and “The Lost Tribe” (2008) with veteran horror film actor Lance Henrikson. 

The makeup in the film “American Zombie” was understated enough (because its a comedy) but also effective in reminding you that you are watching the “undead”. 

I really enjoyed the film and the “dead” pan humor! 


We’re Here.  We’re Dead. Get Used To It!

Ghouls (2008) Sci-fi Channel Movie

The made for TV movie Ghouls premiered July 12, 2008 on the Sci-fi Channel. 

Entertaining romp that was filmed Bucharest, Romania (eerily close to Transylvania)


The gist of the story is a pretty college student (Kristen Renton of Days of Our Lives) goes with her father (William Atherton) to his home country and encounters flying flesh eating ghouls.  There she meets up with ghoul killer James DeBello (most notably from Detroit Rock City (1999) film).  The two try to keep the evil ghouls from eating their intestines.  Veteran sci-fi actress Erin Grey also stars as step-mother to Renton’s character.



The makeup artist is Emmy award winning Dean C. Jones whose work you might recognize from Pirates of Caribbean 2, the Kingdom and TV’s Star Trek Deep Space Nine.  He and his team do a terrific job of creating the ghouls, proving lots of blood and gore effects.  These effects include intestines being pulled out of the body, skin removed from a character’s back and a heart being ripped out (still beating) of a chest.

Director Gary Jones also knows something about being a special effects artist.  He was the mechanical and special effects foreman for Army of Darkness (1992), makeup technician for From Dusk till Dawn (1996), and creature effects supervisor for Alien Apocalypse (2005).  No wonder Ghouls provided great effects entertainment!   

Ghoulsdir Ghouls director Gary Jones, star Kristen Renton, and editor Christopher Roth pose for a picture in 2007.

Phoenix Horror Drunx

I was surfing myspace and came across this profile…I must say…”Bravo!”  and more power to them to get those pictures!

Read on here…

Founded by the fangulous Mortimer A. London and Company, the orginal idea of the ‘DRUNX was to hit the road and have pictures taken in front of as many horror movie sites as possible. It may sound easy enough, but there is a twist!!! With every picture taken there will be 40oz close by…like in our mouths…in broad daylight!!! Illegal? Yes. Fun? Yes. Psychotic? Maybe just a lottle!!!!! Bring out the 40′s and JOIN TODAY!

Discuss the Horror Industry and meet lots of cool people while you’re at it! You can even propose HORRORDRUNX meetups, get awesome HORRORDRUNX gear and maybe even promote your own films at the meetups!!! We also have HORRORDRUNKETTES of the month, so all aspiring pinups feel free to submit your Horrificly-themed photographs!!!

So if you have a love of Horror, and a love of perhaps beer, HORRORDRUNX is definately the group for you!!!!!!!!

See their profile here

The New York Tribeca Film Festival is back this year to entertain and inform tens of thousands of participants about new indie, documentary and foreign films coming out this year.  Its a celebration of talent which also features several horror films in the mix.

The Swedish vampire thriller called “Let the Right One Infrom Tomas Alfreson debuts at the festival as part of the World Narrative Competition.  More movies include an Australian horror flick Dying Breed about four friends being stalked by cannibals in the Australian bush, From Within, a teen horror movie about a town rocked by a mysterious wave of suicides, and Killer Movie, a slasher movie set in the world of reality TV.

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