Bigfoot and Stone Cold Creamery

Stonecoldsas Stone Cold Creamery has run a TV commercial that shows Bigfoot walking up to the doors of the store as the narrator says “Bigfoot approaches a Cold Stone Creamery…inside he sees a hunter, and Sasquatch enthusiast, and a Brazilian bikini waxer…”

See the commercial here:

Bigfoot and TV commercials

Messin With SasquatchI am thrilled about the recent onslaught of bigfoot or sasquatch related commercials I have seen.  Many commercial advertisers see the humor and fun in using this iconic creature.  I will share a few of the commercials I’ve noticed use bigfoot as their star.  Most notably to start is Jack Links brand Beef Jerky.  They have run a series of commercials titled “Messin with Sasquatch”

 The premise of all the ads is that a group of hikers will play practical jokes on sasquatch as he is going along doing living his life in the forrest.  They may succeed…but soon find that Sasquatch doesn’t have a sense of humor!

There are several great commercials in this series.  I’ve chosen some here: [youtube=]



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