Herschell-Gordon-Lewis-Godfather-of-gore-speaksExploitation filmmaker Herschell Gordon Lewis is credited with single-handedly creating the gore genre with the 1963 release Blood Feast. This low-budget shocker would ultimately influence nearly every horror movie which has followed, as well as “high-brow” films as varied The Wild Bunch and Reservoir Dogs. Lewis, dubbed “The Godfather of Gore,” crafted more than thirty-five films in his ongoing career (the exact number varies depending on whom you talk to). Lewis would ultimately work in a number of genres, including gothic horror, drama, sexploitation, blaxploitation, and even musicals, and each of his low-budget productions features a singular style and vision that cannot be ignored. No matter what genre Lewis worked in, he remained at the forefront of cinematic trends and movements. In The Godfather of Gore Speaks: Herschell Gordon Lewis Discusses His Films, the filmmaker explains his choices and motivations – from concept to finished product – in much more detail than ever before. Assisted by noted film historian Andrew J. Rausch, Lewis shares often hilarious anecdotes and provides analysis for the thirty-nine films which he either directed or assisted with direction. “Herschell Gordon Lewis is known all over the world as ‘The Wizard of Gore.’ He’s a whiz of a wiz in just about everything else, too, including, but not limited to, brain surgery, moonshine making, international diplomacy, auto body work, nuclear physics, and siding sales. He writes textbooks and does windows, and don’t ever challenge him to a game of Scrabble.” –David F. Friedman “Herschell Gordon Lewis is the man who put red meat into the American cinematic diet. Ultimately Herschell made Quentin Tarantino possible.” –Joe Bob Briggs

a_sci-fi_swarm_and_horror_hordeIn this jam-packed jamboree of conversations, more than 60 movie veterans describe their experiences on the sets of some of the world’s most beloved sci-fi and horror movies and television series. Including groundbreaking oldies (Flash Gordon, One Million B.C.); 1950s and 1960s milestones (The War of the Worlds, Psycho, House of Usher); classic schlock (Queen of Outer Space, Attack of the Crab Monsters); and cult TV favorites (Lost in Space, Land of the Giants), the discussions offer a frank and fascinating behind-the-scenes look. Among the interviewees: Roger Corman, Pamela Duncan, Richard and Alex Gordon, Tony “Dr. Lao” Randall, Troy Donahue, Sid Melton, Fess Parker, Nan Peterson, Alan Young, John “Bud” Cardos, and dozens more.


About the Author

Tom Weaver lives in Sleepy Hollow, New York, and has been interviewing moviemakers since the early 1980s. The New York Times called him one of the leading scholars in the horror field and USA Today has described him as the king of the monster hunters. Classic Images called him “the best interviewer we have today.” He is a frequent contributor to numerous film magazines including Starlog, Fangoria, Monsters from the Vault and Video Watchdog, and he has been featured in the prestigious Best American Movie Writing. A frequent DVD audio commentator, he is the author of numerous reference and other nonfiction books about American popular culture, including Universal Horrors: The Studio’s Classic Fims, 1931-1946.




FROM: EmipreOnline

The Godfather of Makeup has passed away

by Ben Kirby


Dick Smith, the renowned “Godfather of Makeup”, has died aged 92. Smith was a legend in the field, pioneering an astonishing number of different techniques and trickery in-camera. He’s best known for his work on an impressive list of classics, including Taxi Driver, The Godfather, The Exorcist and Amadeus. Indeed, it’s a tribute to his talents that – The Exorcist aside – audiences often forget that these films had such extraordinary special effects and makeup, all hiding in plain sight.

Born in June 1922, Smith began his career in television as head of the New York NBC make-up department in 1945. He was one of the first pioneers in using small sections of foam latex (instead of one whole mask), which freed an actor up to be far more expressive and mobile. During that time, he worked on shows from Roald Dahl’s Way Out to cult hit Dark Shadows. However, it is for his work in films for which Smith is primarily remembered.

The list of his achievements is remarkable, beginning with his first big job on The Godfather. Here, he transformed Marlon Brando from a matinee idol to the aged, jowly Vito Corleone, using a variety of techniques that were all the more impressive considering this was the same year Brando was naked and far more youthful in Bertolucci’s Last Tango In Paris.

One year later, Dick Smith became a part of horror legend with The Exorcist in 1973. The gruesome transformation of Regan (Linda Blair) from a sweet 12 year-old girl into a demon-possessed monster was vivid and wholly believable, thanks in large part to Smith’s astounding work. As if this wasn’t enough, three years later he helped bring the bloody climax of Scorsese’s Taxi Driver to life. In fact, so realistic were the prosthetic injuries shown onscreen that Scorsese famously had to desaturate the colours, making the blood less red, in order to be granted the necessary R rating.

From there, Smith went on to work on Marathon Man, The Deer Hunter and Amadeus, where he transformed the then 44 year-old F. Murray Abraham into a 73 year-old Antonio Salieri. Together with Paul LeBlanc, Smith won the 1984 Academy Award for Best Makeup, while Abraham also won Best Actor. Smith himself recalled afterwards, “It was the best job I ever had. I did all the work, had plenty of time, total co-operation, [and a] proper screen test.”

Following this triumph, Smith continued to work on various projects, including on the TV show Monsters and Robert Zemeckis’ effects spectacular Death Becomes Her. He also continued to offer training and courses on movie makeup, passing on his pioneering techniques to new generations of artists. In 2011, he received one of the film industry’s highest accolades when he was given an Honorary Award from the Academy. Accepting the award, he said, “This has been an incredible joy… I have loved being a makeup artist so much, but this kind of puts a crown on all of that.”

A younger legend of movie makeup, Rick Baker, said of Smith, “There’s never going to be another Dick Smith. Dick is, without a doubt, the greatest makeup artist who’s ever going to live.”

Carrie (2014) Coffee Shop Prank


FROM: LA Times


Before a genre movie such as “Carrie” comes out, studios like to go viral with all sorts of novel video, often from the film itself.

But when it comes to these marketing videos, nothing beats seeing real people in a crazy situation — especially if it involves telekinesis.

Check out the above video. People in a New York coffee shop look aghast when a patron begins to levitate items and humans, Carrie-style. Well, “people in a New York coffee shop” — from the way it’s all set up, there’s a certain actor-y feel to it all. Still, it’s a pretty cool trick.

The stunt was orchestrated by MGM and Screen Gems, which are set to bring out the remake of the Brian de Palma staple, based on Stephen King’s iconic novel and starring Chloe Grace Moretz, on Oct. 18, 2013.

If only they could use telekinesis to get viewers into theaters.

Dracula Untold (2014)


Dracula Untold (2014)

Dracula Untold (2014)


Dracula Untold is an upcoming American drama-horror film directed by Gary Shore and written by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless,based on the novel Dracula by Irish novelist Bram Stoker.

Official Trailer

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)

20th Century Fox has released a featurette for the film which gives us a behind the scenes look at the visual effects that were created to help bring this story to life. (FROM IGN)

Dawn of Planet of the Apes Trailer 2014

dawn of the planet of the apes 2014

Fox has released the final trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014).  In theaters July 11, 2014.


A growing nation of genetically evolved apes led by Caesar is threatened by a band of human survivors of the devastating virus unleashed a decade earlier. They reach a fragile peace, but it proves short-lived, as both sides are brought to the brink of a war that will determine who will emerge as Earth’s dominant species.

Mad Monster Phoenix June 13-15, 2014

Mad Monster Phoenix

Mad Monster Phoenix 2014

FROM: Phoenix New Times

The Mad Monster Party — a weekend-long horror, science fiction, and fantasy-themed convention — is scheduled to take place from Friday, June 13, to Sunday, June 15, at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel, according to an announcement posted to Facebook on Monday.

The three-day con is being put on by Mad Monster, a Southern California-based entertainment company that produces horror-themed events in L.A. and across the country, as well as publishing a “retro-style throwback” monster magazine.




Katy Perry as “Goldie the Dancer”

FROM: BeautyBlitz.com

Katy Perry is debuting a new video this week called “Birthday,” and today the pop star has released a teaser that introduces us to the upcoming video’s six different terrifying characters, all played by the singer herself. Some serious special effects makeup went into transforming Perry into the “World’s Worst Birthday Party Entertainers.”


Katy Perry as “Kriss The Clown”


Katy Perry as “Yosef Shulem the MC”


Katy Perry as “Ace the Animal Trainer”


Katy Perry as “Princess Mandee”

Katy Perry’s Birthday Music Video Preview




Scary Easter Eggs!

Walking Dead Easter EggsZombie eggs

scariest eggs scary easter eggs

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