Scream 2 is a 1997 horror thriller film, the second part of the Scream trilogy. This movie takes place one year after the original. As with the other films in the trilogy, Scream 2 combines straight-forward scares with dialogue that satirizes conventions of slasher films, especially (in this case) slasher film sequels.

Scream 2


  • Not only was the cast not informed who the killer was until the last Day of shooting, they also didn’t receive the last 10 pages of the script until it was time to film them. The last 10 pages were also printed on grey paper, therefore making them unable to be illicitly Xeroxed. All cast members had to sign contracts that they would not discuss the movie’s outcome or the killer’s identity with the media.
  • Body count: 10
  • In Scream, Sydney laments that with her luck, she’d be portrayed by Tori Spelling if her story were ever filmed. In Stab, the film-within-a-film in Scream 2, Tori Spelling does in fact play Sydney.
  • Cameo: [Wes Craven] man in the background at the hospital.
  • Cameo: [Kevin Williamson] Cotton’s interviewer on T.V.
  • Cameo: [Matthew Lillard] Co-star of the original Scream is in the background at the frat party.
  • Liev Schreiber’s dog (terrier) has a cameo in the film. A female co-ed leads him in front of the crowd that goes to investigate after news of Cici’s murder.
  • Most of the outdoor scene are filmed at Agnes Scott College, a women’s college in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • “Dewey’s Theme” and other bits of the score are actually taken from the Broken Arrow (1996) soundtrack by Hans Zimmer. Later Score Soundtrack releases for Scream 2 feature Belltrami’s score, although it was not used in the film.
  • There are several references to actors from “Friends” (1994) which stars ‘Courtney Cox’. Gale says that the nude photos of her that were put on the internet are fakes, and that the body is that of Jennifer Aniston. Also, We learn that in Stab, Dewey is played by ‘David Schwimmer’.
  • Though in most films, phone voices are recorded later, director Wes Craven actually had the voice of the killer on set, to heighten the sense of fear for the actors. According to ‘Roger L. Jackson’, who plays the voice, he was kept on set but always out of sight from the actors, so they couldn’t picture a face with the voice. He said while watching the monitors, he could see between takes that Heather Graham looked a little scared, whereas Sarah Michelle Gellar would pick up the phone and carry on a conversation with him.
  • Gail’s mention of doctored internet photos is also a reference to an incident that actually happened to ‘Courteney Cox’ in the mid-1990s.
  • Paulette Patterson, who plays the usher who hands masks to Maureen and Phil, won her role in a contest sponsored by MTV.
  • Eric Mabius, Natasha Gregson Wagner, and Paula Marshall all auditioned for roles.
  • The Gothic statues in the film aren’t Agnes Scott campus features; they were put there for the film and guarded by a watchman. Students on the campus for summer events were told not to mess with the statues, but at least once the statues were dressed up and decorated by mischievous students who evaded the watchman.
  • Officers Richards and Andrews are named after Kyle Richards and Brian Andrews, the two child actors that Jamie Lee Curtis babysat in the original Halloween.
  • The girl that Cici talks to on the phone before the killer calls is Selma Blair.
  • The third rule to surviving a sequel is cut from the movie, but is shown in the trailer. “”And #3. Never, ever under any circumstance assume that the killer is dead.”
  • The tagline for “Stab” (the movie within the movie) is, “This is Gonna Hurt”.
  • The plot twists were all a matter of top secrecy throughout production. The screenplay was heavily guarded and restricted to only the most crucial personnel. Certainly none of the cast knew how the film ended as the last 10 pages were withheld from them. Consequently when an early screenplay draft was leaked onto the Internet, revealing the intended identity of Ghostface, Kevin Williamson was forced to do some hasty rewrites. This meant that the film went into production without a completed script.
  • Earned one third of its total gross of $101.3 million in its opening weekend.
  • The rules for a horror movie sequel – as laid out by Randy in the film – are (1) the body count is always bigger and (2) the death scenes are always much more elaborate with more blood and gore.
  • The killer’s comments when Omar Epps overhears him in the bathroom stall next to him are directly inspired by the killer in Black Christmas (1974).
  • The film’s working title was “The Sequel to Scream”.
  • Released less than a year after Scream (1996/I).
  • A number of sequences in Kevin Williamson’s screenplay simply read “Wes will make it scary”.
  • Any actor auditioning for the part of Derek had to perform the scene in the cafeteria where he sings “I Think I Love You” without accompaniment.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar signed on for the movie before even reading the script
  • When we first see CiCi (Sarah Michelle Gellar) alone in the sorority house and on the phone with her friend, she says “They aren’t going out anymore, Sarah broke up with Bailey when she found out he slept with Gwen.” Sarah, Bailey and Gwen were all characters on “Party of Five” (1994), which Neve Campbell starred in for 6 years.
  • In the trailer and TV spots, the scene where Sidney talks to the killer for the first time on the Lamda house phone is altered. In the trailers, the killer replies to her question with “It’s time, girlfriend!” In the theatrical version, he says “I want you. It’s show time.”
  • The idea of a sequel came up when writer Kevin Williamson was writing the script for _Scream (1996)_, feeling there was more to the story.
  • Started filming just 6 months after it’s predecessor _Scream (1996)_ was released.


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