SAN DIEGO, CA, August 12, 2009 /Cambridge Who’s Who/ — Stephanie E. Morford, Freelance Makeup Artist for Stu Segall Productions, Inc. and Strategic Operations, Inc., has been recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in all aspects of special effects makeup.

Actively involved in the motion picture and television industry, Stephanie E. Morford has an impressive professional background in the application of special effects makeup. In her position with Stu Segall Productions, Inc., she is charged with readying actors for headshots to promote feature films, applying makeup prior to filming and Goremaster Makeup Effects Manualretouching makeup onset. Having worked on a number of high-profile projects, she is especially proud to have managed makeup application during the production of Justin Paul Ritter’s “A Gothic Tale.”

Ms. Morford is especially savvy when it comes to military effects makeup due to her experience with Strategic Operations, Inc. A division of Stu Segall Productions, Inc., Strategic Operations provides Hyper-Realistic training environments for military and law enforcement personnel. Utilizing state-of-the-art special effects, props, sets, role players and equipment, the simulations provide life-like and authentic combat training.

A licensed cosmetologist, Ms. Morford completed coursework at Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts in 2006. She also attended Xenon International School of Hair Design where she completed a course of study in 2005.

Strategic Operations, Inc. utilizes ST/OPS-created Hyper-Realistic environments to train military personnel and law enforcement professionals. For additional information, please visit Established in 1991, Stu Segall Productions, Inc. is the only motion picture and television studio located in San Diego County. The firm boasts an excess of 800 hours of prime time, network television series including the hit show “Silk Stalkings.” For more information, please visit


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