Ghost Story released December 18, 1981

Ghost Story is a 1981 American horror film based on the book of the same name by Peter Straub. It is directed by John Irvin and it stars Fred Astaire, Melvyn Douglas, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., John Houseman and Craig Wasson (in a dual role). It was the last film to feature Astaire, Fairbanks, and Douglas, and the first film to feature Michael O’Neill.


Directed by
  John Irvin

  Lawrence D. Cohen Writer
  Peter Straub Novel

  Douglas Green … co-producer
  Ronald G. Smith … associate producer
  Burt Weissbourd … producer

  Fred Astaire … Ricky Hawthorne
  Melvyn Douglas … Dr. John Jaffrey
  Douglas Fairbanks Jr. … Edward Charles Wanderley
  John Houseman … Sears James
  Craig Wasson … Don Wanderley/David Wanderley
  Patricia Neal … Stella Hawthorne
  Alice Krige … Eva Galli/Alma Mobley
  Jacqueline Brookes … Milly
  Miguel Fernandes … Gregory Bate
  Lance Holcomb … Fenny Bate
  Mark Chamberlin … Young Jaffrey
  Tim Choate … Young Hawthorne
  Kurt Johnson … Young Wanderley
  Ken Olin … Young James

Make Up Department
  Irving Buchman … makeup artist
  Albert Jeyte … makeup artist
  Robert Jiras … makeup artist
  Philip Leto … hair stylist
  Rick Sharp … makeup artist
  Dick Smith … special makeup

Special Effects Department
  Henry Millar Jr. … special effects

Visual Effects Department
  Syd Dutton … matte artist
  Dennis Glouner … matte photography
  Bill Taylor … matte photography
  Albert Whitlock … special visual effects
  Henry Schoessler … matte crew



  • The last feature film for veteran actors Melvyn Douglas, Fred Astaire, and Douglas Fairbanks Jr..
  • Melvyn Douglas (Dr. John Jaffery) is actually mentioned in the novel on which the movie is based.
  • Fred Astaire (Ricky Hawthorne) is actually mentioned in the novel on which the movie is based.
  • Young Ricky Hawthorne says, “I can’t dance.” Old Ricky Hawthorne is played by Fred Astaire. This line wasn’t in the novel.
  • Searching for someone qualified to score a story dealing with elderly people, the production team was reminded of Le chat (1971), a French film about a bitter old couple spending time arguing. That’s how Philippe Sarde was hired and why some of the main theme of that precise film is repeatedly used in the score of “Ghost Story.”
  • Robin Curtis’ film debut.
  • The pipe organ used is the same organ that was used by Lon Chaney in The Phantom of the Opera (1925).
  • Interiors were constructed inside the abandoned Union Station, the former New York Central Railroad’s passenger train station on Broadway in Albany, NY and included a two story set. The murder or death scene was filmed on the second floor of that set. Scenes were filmed in sequence and the two story set was significantly aged after the death scene so that it later appeared as the derelict house. After the movie, the old station was refurbished and restored to its former grandeur and served as office space for Fleet Bank and now Bank of America.

Journey to the Center of the Earth is a 1959 adventure film adapted by Charles Brackett from the novel by Jules Verne. It stars Pat Boone, James Mason, Arlene Dahl, Peter Ronson, Diane Baker, Thayer David, Alan Napier, and Gertrude the Duck. It was directed by Henry Levin.

This film is also known as Trip to the Center of the Earth.

An Edinburgh professor is intrigued by a strange rock given to him by one of his pupils. Uncovering its secret leads him and a few other hardy individuals to a dangerous journey that may have no return.

The film is notable for its special effects. It was nominated for three Academy Awards for Best Art Direction-Set Decoration (Lyle R. Wheeler, Franz Bachelin, Herman A. Blumenthal, Walter M. Scott, Joseph Kish), Best Effects, Special Effects and Best Sound. It won a second place Golden Laurel award for Top Action Drama in 1960.

Directed by
  Henry Levin

  Novel “Voyage au centre de la Terre”
   Jules Verne
   Walter Reisch and
   Charles Brackett

  Charles Brackett 

  Pat Boone … Alexander ‘Alec’ McKuen
  James Mason … Sir Oliver S. Lindenbrook
  Arlene Dahl … Carla Göteborg
  Diane Baker … Jenny Lindenbrook
  Thayer David … Count Saknussem
  Peter Ronson … Hans Belker
  Robert Adler … Groom
  Alan Napier … Dean

Make Up Department
  Ben Nye … makeup artist
  Helen Turpin … hair stylist

Visual Effects Department
  L.B. Abbott … special photographic effects
  James B. Gordon … special photographic effects
  Emil Kosa Jr. … special photographic effects

James Mason, Pat Boone, Arlene Dahl, Peter Ronson in Henry Levin's 1959 version of 'Journey to the Center of the Earth.'

Fox gave the green light to this big-budget CinemaScope production partially on the basis of the success of the recent Jules Verne adaptations, Walt Disney’s 20000 Leagues Under the Sea and Michael Todd’s Around the World in Eighty Days. As with those earlier films, the heavy cost proved to be a good investment, resulting in a big hit at the box office.

James Mason replaced an ailing Clifton Webb in the part of Professor Lindenbrook before filming began. Alexander Scourby started shooting at Carlsbad Caverns in the Count Saknussem role, but the producers were unhappy with him and he was replaced with Thayer David.

James Mason reportedly had very little patience with the “movie star” preening of Arlene Dahl and the relationship between the two off set was very much like what you see on screen.

Pat Boone didn’t want to make this film but was talked into it by his agent. Years later he stated he’s glad he did it because of the regular residual checks it brings in and because it’s the movie he’ll probably be best remembered for.

The professor’s name in the original novel (French language) was Otto Lidenbrock, a German. In the movie it was changed to Oliver Lindenbrook, a Scotchman. The name of his assistant Axel was Caledonized into Alec. (This was done because of historical hindsight, as 19th-century Scots had become known as the best field geologists, with Germans preferring lab-bound geology.) A more drastic change had already been made with the first (anonymous) English translation of the novel when the Professor’s surname became Hartwig and Axel became an English student named Henry Lawson.

Child’s Play released November 9, 1988

Child’s Play is a 1988 American horror film, written by Don Mancini and directed by Tom Holland. It was released on November 9, 1988. The film met with moderate success upon its release, and has since developed a cult following among fans of the horror genre. The film is the first in the Child’s Play film series, which was originally a whodunit film in contrast to the latter sequels. This was the only film in the series released by MGM/UA, as the rights to the series were sold to Universal beginning with the sequel.childs-play-movie


You’ll wish it was only make-believe.

Andy Barclay has a new playmate who’s in no mood to play.

This doll is killer.

Catherine Hicks … Karen Barclay
Chris Sarandon … Mike Norris
Alex Vincent … Andy Barclay
Brad Dourif … Charles Lee Ray/Chucky
Dinah Manoff … Maggie Peterson
Tommy Swerdlow … Jack Santos
Jack Colvin … Dr. Ardmore
Neil Giuntoli … Eddie Caputo

childs play (1988)

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Make Up Department
Michael Hancock … makeup artist
Marina Pedraza … hair stylist

Special Effects Department
Howard Berger … shop supervisor: chucky construction crew
Richard O. Helmer … special effects supervisor
Rick Lalonde … lab technician: chucky construction crew
Ron Pipes … hair: chucky construction crew
Zandra Platzek … hair: chucky construction crew
James D. Schwalm … special effects
Carl Sorensen … lab technician: chucky construction crew
Christopher Swift … lab technician: chucky construction crew
Kevin Yagher … designer and executor: “Chucky” doll
Mark C. Yagher … shop assistant: chucky construction crew
James Kagel … lead sculptor

chucky doll

Child's Play Chucky Doll

Visual Effects Department
Peter Donen … visual effects supervisor
Joseph Yanuzzi … visual effects editor


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The Haunted Palace (1963) is an American International Pictures horror feature film starring Vincent Price, Lon Chaney Jr., and Debra Paget in a story about a village held in the grip of a cult. The film was directed by Roger Corman, and is usually listed as one in his series of eight films based on the works of American author Edgar Allan Poe. However, the film actually derives its plot from The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, a novella by H. P. Lovecraft. The film’s only connection to Poe is its title, which derives from a poem by Poe published in 1839 and later incorporated into his horror tale, “The Fall of the House of Usher”.

Tagline: A warlock’s home is his castle…Forever!



Roger Corman, at the time famous for his Poe-based horror films, wanted to do something different with The Haunted Palace by doing a Lovecraft story. American International Pictures had the name changed, against Corman’s wishes, to keep in line with the popular Poe series. The only connection the film has with the poem is a brief quotation at the end of the film spoken by Vincent Price.

Francis Ford Coppola provided additional dialogue for the film.

The set for the village of Arkham was quite small, but was built in forced perspective so that it appeared on camera to cover more ground. Both the front of the palace and the underground dungeon appear in Corman’s The Terror, which at that time was being shot piecemeal on sets from other AIP movies.

A creature with green skin, two arms, and two more limbs in his upper body seems to inhabit the pit in the underground chamber of the palace since at least 1765 and is shown three times in the film. Mortals are sacrificed to this being. The creature has huge black eyes with no pupils and growls incoherently.

 Make Up Department
  Ted Coodley … makeup artist
  Verne Langdon … prosthetic supply
  Verne Langdon … special prosthetics creator www.goremaster.com_black
  Lorraine Roberson … hair stylist


haunted palace 1963

The Incubus released August 27, 1982


John Cassevetes in 'The Incubus' 1982

John Cassevetes in 'The Incubus' 1982


The Incubus is a 1982 horror film directed by John Hough. Screenplay by George Franklin, based on the novel by Ray Russell. Starring John Cassavetes, Kerrie Keane, John Ireland, Helen Hughes, Erin Flannery, Duncan McIntosh.

Tagline: The Incubus. He is the Destroyer.


incubus 1982 DVDThe film is set in the small community of Galen. Cassavetes is a physician who suddenly comes face to face with a series of grotesque rapes in which the women have all died from massive trauma sustained during the attacks. A young man (McIntosh) has dreams about the attacks and fears that he may be unwittingly responsible for the deaths. But the horrible truth is that an incubus, a sexual demon that preys on women, is now stalking the town.




Scene from 'The Incubus' 1982

Scene from 'The Incubus' 1982


Make Up Department
  James Kielev … hair stylist
  Katherine Southern … makeup supervisor
  Maureen Sweeney … creature makeup artist
  Maureen Sweeney … special makeup effects artist

The Nightmare The Incubus Poster Print

The Nightmare (The Incubus) Poster Print

Special Effects Department
  Colin Chilvers … director of special effects
  Martin Malivoire … special effects
  Neil Trifunovich … on set effects
  Hans Metz … special effects (uncredited)

2012 We Were Warned…

2012 We Were Warned

Set for release: November 13, 2009


An epic adventure about a global cataclysm that brings an end to the world and tells of the heroic struggle of the survivors.  Written by Roland Emmerich & Harald Kloser. Directed by Roland Emmerich. Starring  John Cusack, Woody Harrelson, Thandie Newton, Amanda Peet, Danny Glover, Chiwetel Ejiofor, George Segal, Oliver Platt, and Morgan Lily.




Video on Demand

Video on Demand


Make Up Department
  Gitte Axen … makeup artist
  Beth Boxall … makeup artist
  Anita Brabec … makeup artist
  Cara Doell … hair stylist
  Amanda McGowan … assistant makeup artist
  Thomas Nellen … makeup department head
  Connie Parker … key makeup artist
  Lisa Taylor Roberts … personal hair stylist: John Cusack
  Lisa Taylor Roberts … personal makeup artist: John Cusack
  Forest Sala … hair stylist 

Designing Movie Creatures and Characters

Designing Movie Creatures and Characters


Special Effects Department
  Jim Boulden … animatronic animals
  Dan Cervin … special effects motion base technician
  Dennis Dallen … special effects artist
  Damian Fisher … mold shop supervisor
  Brent Gloeckler … special effects lead sculptor
  Allan B. Holt … mold maker: creature effects
  Robert Luo … technical director
  Aimee Macabeo … special makeup effects artist: creature effects
  Dale Shippam … special effects technician
  Mike Vézina … special effects supervisor
  Cam Waldbauer … special effects coordinator
  Joel Whist … pyrotechnician

Visual Effects Department
  Dave Adams … lead environment modeler: Pixomondo, L.A.
  Laide Agunbiade … senior lighting and compositing technical director
  Papavramides Alexandra … digital compositor: Double Negative
  Dalia Al-Husseini … visual effects: Double Negative
  Enrico Altmann … model maker
  Lindsay Anderson … roto/paint artist
  Jeff Atherton … associate visual effects producer: Hydraulx
  James J. Atkinson … digital effects artist
  Jarrod Avalos … matchmover
  Keziah Bailey … matchmove artist
  Scott Balkcom … digital compositor
  Andrzej Bandurski … junior technical director: Pixomondo
  Anthony Barcelo … digital compositor
  Andra Bard … bidding producer: Digital Domain
  James Battersby … visual development artist
  Dominik Bauch … visual effects artist
  Geoffrey E. Baumann … on-set survey lead: Digital Domain
  Travis Baumann … digital compositor: Gradient Effects
  Eric M. Beaver … digital compositor
  Brian Begun … senior compositor: Uncharted Territory
  Stephen Bennett … digital compositor: Double Negative
  Krista Benson … digital compositor
  Frank Berbert … digital compositor: Double Negative
  Niki Bern … lead compositor
  Andrea Biklian … visual effects coordinator
  Muhittin Bilginer … visual effects technical director: Double Negative
  Markus Boos … visual effects artist
  Rene Borst … digital matte painter
  Jamie Bowers … texture artist
  Tatjana Bozinovski … compositor: Pixomondo
  John Bozzalla … manager of production services
  Jamie Briens … effects technical director: Double Negative
  Margaret Bright-Ryan … digital artist: Digital Domain
  Dan Browne … systems admistrator: Evil Eye Pictures
  Kevin R. Browne … visual effects
  Kari Brown … technical director: Double Negative
  Nik Brownlee … compositor: Double Negative
  Matt Brown … lead production services technician
  Erik Bruhwiler … compositing supervisor: Hydraulx
  Tom Bruno Jr. … director’s post-viz/previs
  David C. Bryant … technical director: Scanline VFX
  Shannan Burkley … matte painter
  Andrew Cadey … visual effects technical director
  Colin Campbell … senior technical director: SPI
  Marco Capparelli … animator
  Debbie Carlson … digital supervisor: Scanline VFX
  Christine Carr … visual effects producer: Gradient Effects
  Bernard O. Ceguerra … senior technical director: SPI
  Daniel Chamberlin … visual effects artist
  Stephen Chan … assistant data wrangler
  Daniel Chavez … visual effects coordinator: Hydraulx
  Adam Chazen … production assistant: Pixomondo
  Vanessa Cheung … lead matte painter
  Jeremy Cho … digital paint & roto artist
  Eric D. Christensen … visual effects producer: Factory VFX
  Sun Chung … texture artist
  Patrick Clancey … digital opticals
  Yilun Zhu Cleve … digital compositor
  Michael Clive … technical director
  Chad E. Collier … render i/o administrator: Digital Domain
  Andrew M. Collins … matchmove artist
  Drew Collins … lead matchmove artist: Double Negative
  Matthew Collorafice … visual effects supervisor: post office visual fx
  Shane Cook … compositing supervisor: Gradient Effects
  Cameron Coombs … Inferno artist: Hydraulx
  Lee Croft … senior digital compositor: Technicolor Beijing
  Will Cunningham … lead crowd technical director
  Dennis Dallen … lead compositor
  Nick Damico … visual effects
  Minh Huyen Dang … lighting and compositing technical director
  Alistair Darby … matchmove artist: Double Negative
  Jonathan Davies … visual effects technical director: Double Negative
  Yoshi DeHerrera … visual effects artist: 3D scanning & modeling
  Ante Dekovic … digital compositor
  Peter Demarest … digital compositor
  Brian DeMetz … visual effects technical director: Final Light VFX
  Andrew Dickinson … fluid technical director: Scanline VFX
  Michael Dillon … digital intermediate assistant producer
  Gareth Dinneen … digital compositor
  Dan Dixon … senior digital artist
  Matthew Doll … digital compositor
  James Dornoff … visual effects production manager
  Christina Drahos … digital compositor: Uncharted Territory
  Derek Drouin … visual effects editor: Pixomondo
  Nathan Dunsworth … nuke technical director: Uncharted Territory
  Minh Duong … modeler
  Daniel Eaton … senior cg supervisor
  Scott Edelstein … on-set data collection (vancouver : Digital Domain)
  Joël Einhorn … fluid technical director: Scanline VFX
  Tamer Eldib … modeler
  Mohsen Eletreby … visual effects editor: Hydraulx
  Brett Ellis … technical director
  Volker Engel … visual effects supervisor
  Marcus Erbar … technical director: Hydraulx
  Thilo Ewers … digital matte painter
  Kenneth Fanning … effects technical director: Double Negative
  Joe Farrell … senior digital artist
  Paul Fedor … senior texture artist
  Chad Finnerty … animation lead: Digital Domain
  Felix Fissel … systems administrator
  Richard Fox … digital compositor
  Mike Foyle … digital compositor
  Antonio Freire … production accountant
  Robert Freitag … lighting technical director: Uncharted Territory
  Andreas Frickinger … 2D technical director: Pixomondo
  Quentin Frost … senior technical director
  Eric Galoob … visual effects editor
  Shannon Blake Gans … visual effects producer: New Deal Studios, Inc.
  Ignacio Garcerón … visual effects
  Demitre Garza … paint artist
  Demitre Garza … rotoscope artist
  Brian Gazdik … visual effects: Digital Domain
  Jack Geckler … animator: Digital Domain
  Gillian George … digital artist
  Sotiris Georghiou … visual effects: Double Negative
  Jack Shahram Ghoulian … senior IT manager
  Deborah Giarratana … visual effects executive
  Matthew Gilson … digital matte painter: Hydraulx
  Geoffroy Givry … digital compositor
  Geoffroy Givry … visual effects: Double Negative
  Steven Glazer … senior production services technician
  Lisa Goldberg … visual effects producer: Sony Imageworks
  Stuart D. Gordon … digital effects artist
  Christina Graff … visual effects producer: Crazy Horse Effects
  Paul Graff … visual effects supervisor: Crazy Horse Effects
  Gavin Graham … cg supervisor: Double Negative
  Robin Scott Graham … digital compositor: Uncharted Territory
  Don Greenberg … compositor: Hydraulx
  Jon Green … matte painter: Digital Domain
  Annemarie Griggs … digital producer: Pixomondo
  Jon Grinberg … visual effects editor
  Michael Grobe … CG supervisor
  Greg Groenekamp … senior digital compositor
  Ben Grossmann … visual effects supervisor: The Syndicate
  John Grotelueschen … senior production services technician
  Dean Grubb … effects technical director
  Miguel A. Guerrero … senior visual effects artist
  Alex Guri … digital compositor
  Brian Hajek … compositor
  Jason M. Halverson … digital compositor: Uncharted Territory
  Yasser Hamed … shader writer
  John H. Han … visual effects supervisor: Scanline VFX
  Pete Hanson … studio manager
  Michael S. Harbour … digital compositor
  Ahmed Hassan … effects animation
  Petr Hastík … digital compositor
  Jongwoo Heo … effects animator
  Peter Herlein … integration lead
  Nick Hiatt … lead matte painter
  Dylan Highsmith … visual effects editor
  Sebastian Hirsch … matte painter: ScanlineVFX
  Sebastian Hirsch … senior digital artist: ScanlineVFX
  Dark Hoffman … digital matte painter
  Finlay Hogg … compositing artist: ScanlineVFX
  Eloisa Honrada … roto/paint artist: Evil Eye Pictures
  Michael Honrada … roto/paint artist: Evil Eye Pictures
  Josiah Holmes Howison … digital compositor
  Alexander Hupperich … senior digital artist: Scanline Vfx
  Nathan Hurlburt … digital compositor
  Kenneth Ibrahim … effects & pipeline technical director
  Atsushi Imamura … visual effects
  Isaac Irvin … lighting artist
  Pasha Ivanov … visual effects
  Travis Wade Ivy … digital compositor
  Andreas Jablonka … senior digital compositor: Pixomondo
  John L. Jack … executive producer: Evil Eye Pictures
  Josh R. Jaggars … visual effects producer
  Jonathan Jamison … visual effects production assistant
  John K. Jenkins … senior lighting/compositing
  Jan Jinda … senior cgi artist: UPP
  Will Johnson … compositor: Digital Domain
  Phil Jones … visual effects supervisor: Technicolor Beijing
  Jaimie Lee Jota … digital production manager: Digital Domain
  Georg Kaltenbrunner … visual effects technical director: Double Negative
  Chris Kesler … matte painter/ concept artist: Double Negative
  Val Kharitonashvili … effects technical director
  John Kilshaw … visual effects supervisor
  Dave Kim … 3D coordinator
  Nicholas Kim … digital compositor
  Oliver Kirchhoff … matchmoving artist: ScanlineVFX
  Katharina Koepke … visual effects project manager
  Eric A. Kohler … archive editor: Hydraulx
  Marcin Kolendo … digital compositor
  Dean Koonjul … digital compositor: Double Negative
  Zsolt Krajcsik … visual effects
  Tomas Kral … senior cgi artist: UPP
  Anthony Kramer … digital compositor: Uncharted Territory
  Benjamin Krebs … digital compositor: Double Negative
  Daniel Kruse … digital lighter: Hydraulx
  John Kubasco … animator
  Alexander Kucera … visual effects coordinator
  Christian Kugler … matte painter
  Martin Kulig … matchmover: Pixomondo
  Steve Kullback … visual effects producer: Pixomondo
  Thilo Kuther … visual effects executive producer: Pixomondo
  Joosten Kuypers … senior lighting and compositing technical director: SPI
  Joshua LaCross … digital compositor
  Billy-Vu Lam … animator
  Donna Lanasa … lighting artist: Digital Domain
  Mark Larranaga … digital compositor
  Emma Larsson … visual effects line producer
  Mårten Larsson … visual effects lead
  Gary Laurie … matchmove technical director: Uncharted Territory
  James Travis Lawrence … lighting artist: Digital Domain
  Stafford Lawrence … animator
  Chris LeDoux … digital compositor: Scanline
  Sun Lee … matte painter: Hydraulx
  Mark Lefitz … senior technical director
  Alex Lemke … digital compositor
  Mohen Leo … visual effects supervisor: Digital Domain
  Kymber Lim … digital producer: Digital Domain
  Jirí Linhart … visual effects artist
  Elana Joy Livneh … visual effects assistant editor
  Gresham Lochner … digital compositor
  Dave Lo … senior modeler: Uncharted Territories
  Dave Lo … senior modeler: Uncharted Territory
  Nicholas Loizides … environment modeler: Uncharted Territory
  Venessa Loubert … previz coordinator
  Zachary Lo … digital compositor: Evil Eye Pictures
  Philip Lücke … digital compositor
  Keith Luczywo … associate production manager: SPI
  Robert Luo … technical director
  Zach Mandt … matte painter
  Marco Marenghi … animator
  Lisa Marra … visual effects coordinator
  Will Martindale … rotoscope artist: Double Negative
  Andres Martinez … visual effects
  Wendy Mashburn … digital production management: SPI
  Richard Matsushita … texture artist
  Kirk Mawhinney … modeler
  Eric McAvoy … digital compositor
  Matt McDonald … visual effects supervisor: Evil Eye Pictures
  John McGee … digital artist
  Allan McKay … fx artist: Pixomondo
  Chris McLeod … visual effects coordinator
  Naveen Medaram … digital compositor
  Naveen Medaram … visual effects: Double Negative
  Gurel Mehmet … digital matte painter: Double Negative
  Joel Román Mendías … executive producer: Scanline VFX
  Pieter Mentz … lead digital effects artist: Pixomondo
  Steven Messing … digital matte artist
  Scott Michelson … visual effects executive producer
  Justin Mijal … lead modeler
  Steve Miller … visual effects editor: Digital Domain
  Steven Miller … paint/roto artist: Hydraulx
  Michele Moen … matte painter
  Evangeline Monroy … digital production manager
  Alberto Montañés … digital compositor
  Alberto Montañés … visual effects: Double Negative
  Chris F. Moore … visual effects
  Lauren Morimoto … roto/paint lead
  Paolo Moscatelli … senior technical director
  Mohsen Mousavi … cg effects supervisor: Pixomondo
  Mohsen Mousavi … lead effects technical director: PIxomondo
  Kyle Mulqueen … digital artist: building modeler
  Dennis Murillo … IT assistant: Uncharted Territory
  Dennis Murillo … render wrangler: Uncharted Territory
  Mike Murphy … previs designer
  Howie Muzika … modeler: Digital Domain
  Alessandro Nardini … visual effects
  Salima Needham … digital compositor
  Chun Seong Ng … modeler: Hydraulx
  Vinh Nguyen … senior compositor
  Alex Nice … cg modeler
  Alex Nice … matte painting crew
  Lukas Niemczyk … visual effects artist
  Ian Northrop … integration artist: Digital Domain
  Ezekiel Norton … previsualization supervisor: Image Engine
  Jean Claude Nouchy … visual effects technical director
  Jordan Nounnan … previsualization artist: Proof
  Mike Ocoboc … digital compositor
  Cenay Oekmen … digital artist
  Cenay Oekmen … digital effects artist
  Peter Pace … matte painting supervisor
  Crystal Page … render wrangler: Pixomondo
  Eugene Paluso … visual effects artist
  Bruno Parenti … digital compositor: Hydraulx
  Daniel Pastore … matchmove artist
  Anuj Patil … senior technical director
  Andrew A. Paules … digital artist
  Patrick Perez … previs artist
  Christine Peterson … digital compositor
  Tobias Pfeiffer … visual effects editor
  Danielle Plantec … cg supervisor: Scanline VFX
  Leetal Platt … production assistant: Uncharted Territory
  Darren Poe … digital effects supervisor
  John Polyson … visual effects editor: Hydraulx
  Danielle Probst … visual effects coordinator: previz
  Ed Pulis … matchmove artist
  The-Hung Quach … texture painter
  Nigel Rafter … animator
  Nigel Rafter … visual effects: Double Negative
  Lance Ranzer … digital artist: Digital Domain
  Gal Ratner … visual effects: Pipeline Programmer
  Devon Read … digital compositor: Gradient Effects
  Julia Reinhard … compositing lead: Double Negative
  Thomas Reppen … digital artist
  Brett Reyenger … digital compositor
  Anthony Reyna … visual effects editor: Evil Eye Pictures
  Grover Richardson … roto/paint artist: Evil Eye Pictures
  Marc D. Rienzo … compositing supervisor
  Tim Riley … visual effects: Double Negative
  Brian Ripley … digital artist
  Rick Rische … matte artist: Uncharted Territory
  Gizmo Rivera … compositor
  Federico Rivia … lead texture artist
  Karl Rogovin … digital artist: Hydraulx
  Daniel P. Rosen … visual effects supervisor: Evil Eye Pictures
  Michael S. Ruscheinsky … compositor
  Olivier Ryard … digital compositor
  Ari Sachter-Zeltzer … cg effects supervisor
  Krystal Sae Eua … model/texture artist: Hydraulx
  Rhys Salcombe … additional modelling: Double Negative
  Miguel A. Salek … visual effects
  Nicole Samarron … digital compositor
  Joe Sambora … production assistant
  Christopher Sanchez … visual effects artist
  David Satchwell … digital effects artist
  Heather Saunders … visual effects production assistant
  Nabil Schiantarelli … compositor: Uncharted Territory
  Erick Schiele … senior technical director: lighting
  David Schoneveld … digital effects artist: Hydraulx
  York N. Schueller … character technical director
  Patrick Schuler … cg effects artist: Pixomondo L.A.
  Alex Scollay … visual effects artist
  Andrew E. Scrase … matchmove artist: Double Negative
  Kevin Sears … lighting artist
  Jason Selfe … lead compositor: Digital Domain
  Laura Sevilla … digital compositor
  Jeff Shank … digital effects
  Clancy Silver … digital compositor: Uncharted Territory
  Andrew Simmonds … digital compositor
  Andrew Simmonds … visual effects: Double Negative
  Sally Slade … digital artist
  Brian Smallwood … compositor: Scanline VFX
  Jeremy Smith … visual effects artist
  Ryan T. Smolarek … rebel unit
  Eva Snyder … junior compositor: Gradient Effects
  Maciek Sokalski … digital compositor
  Sepp Sonntag … modelling artist: ScanlineVFX
  John C. Sparks … visual effects artist: Double Negative
  Marion Spates … digital artist: Uncharted Territory
  Katie Spinelli … visual effects coordinator
  Bill Spradlin … lighting technical director
  Jiri Stamfest … matte painter
  Marc Steinberg … senior modeler: digital domain
  Jason Stellwag … digital artist
  Michele Stewart … visual effects coordinator
  Paul Venn Stirling … digital compositor: Double Negative
  Greg Strasz … additional visual effects art director
  Greg Strasz … texture lead: Uncharted Territory
  Colin Strause … visual effects supervisor
  Greg Strause … visual effects supervisor
  Frederick George Stuhrberg … 3D scanning
  Kristen Swanson … digital paint/rotoscope artist
  Hirofumi Takeda … digital artist
  Takashi Takeoka … compositing supervisor – post office visual fx
  Aaron Tankenson … manager recruiting
  Thomas Tannenberger … visual effects supervisor: Gradient Effects
  Olcun Tan … visual effects supervisor: Gradient Effects
  Dann Tarmy … digital lighting artist
  Dann Tarmy … look development artist
  Vahid Tehrani … visual effects artist: ScanlineVFX
  Rodrigo Teixeira … senior lighting technical director: Columbia Pictures/Uncharted Territory
  Scott Tessier … animator
  Cameron Thomas … compositor: Gradient FX
  Robert Charles Thomas … visual effects artist
  Gavyn Thompson … visual effects artist: Uncharted Territory
  Steve Tizzard … digital compositor
  Jon Tojek … visual effects
  Stefano Trivelli … senior compositor: Uncharted Territory
  Stephan Trojansky … senior visual effects supervisor: Scanline VFX
  Denis Trutanic … senior camera technical director: Pixomondo
  Greg Tsadilas … sequence lighting lead
  Melanie Rose Tucker … render wrangler
  Max Tyrie … senior character animator
  Andreas Vrhovsek … visual effects: Double Negative
  Christian Waite … digital effects artist
  Nancey S. Wallis … senior technical director: SPI
  Michael Anthony Oakley Walls … digital artist: Uncharted Territory
  Michael Anthony Oakley Walls … visual effects: Uncharted Territory
  Kyle Ware … visual effects coordinator
  Daniel Warom … digital effects artist
  Jun Watanabe … effects animator
  Marc Weigertr … visual effects supervisor
  Mark H. Weingartner … second unit director of photography: Paris/London
  John Welborn … software engineer
  Chris Wells … visual effects supervisor: hydraulx
  Neil West … senior matchmove artist
  Cameron Widen … pre-visualization supervisor: Image Engine
  C. Jerome Williams … paint/roto artist: Hydraulx
  Guy Williams … environment supervisor
  Deborah Wiltman … digital compositor
  Marco Wilz … digital artist
  Patrick Wolf … lead pipeline developer
  Leah Wouters … senior production services technician
  Alex Wuttke … visual effects supervisor: Double Negative
  Chris Qi Yao … texture painter
  Fikret Yildirim … digital artist
  Leanne Young … visual effects editor: Double Negative
  Joseph Zaki … visual effects
  Attila Zalanyi … effects technical director: Uncharted Territory
  Luca Zappala … senior technical director: Double Negative
  Christian Zurcher … visual effects artist: Uncharted Territory
  Paul Maurice … Lidar supervisor: Lidar Services (uncredited)
  Andrea Lackey Pace … manager of production services and resources (uncredited)
  Karen N. Sickles … recruiter: Digital Domain (uncredited)

Buy this Title on DVD

Buy this Title on DVD


Prop Builders Molding & Casting

Prop Builders Molding & Casting

Blacula released August 25, 1972


William Marshall as Blacula

Blacula is a 1972 blaxploitation horror film produced for American International Pictures. It was directed by William Crain and stars William Marshall in the title role. Blacula was the first film to win the “Best Horror Film” award at the 1972 Saturn Awards. Also starring Vonetta McGee, Denise Nicholas, Thalmus Rasulala, Gordon Pinsent, and Charles Macaulay.

A sequel, Scream Blacula Scream, was released in 1973, in which Marshall resumed his role.

Tagline: Blacula! – Dracula’s Soul Brother!


Plot: Interior decorators buy the coffin of an African prince bitten by Dracula centuries before and bring it back to Los Angeles.

blacula fangs

Blacula was a financial success when it was originally released. It was immediately followed by a sequel, Scream Blacula Scream (1973), in which the vampire is made corporeal again by a Voodoo practitioner. The success of the film also inspired the making of several other blaxploitation/horror crossovers in the mid-seventies, including Abby, Blackenstein, Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde, Ganja and Hess, The House on Skull Mountain, J. D.’s Revenge and Sugar Hill, although none of these films were as successful commercially as Blacula. Rumors circulated that Brides of Blacula and Son of Blacula were to have been made as well. Some more recent horror films with predominantly black casts were Def by Temptation (1990), Vampire in Brooklyn (a 1995 film which shares many themes and source material with Blacula), the anthology Tales from the Hood (1995), and Bones (2001).

blacula and victimBlacula found a new audience in the early ’80s, when Elvira featured it on her syndicated TV series, Movie Macabre. It has since become a cult classic, and is now available on DVD and as a rental on iTunes, from MGM Home Entertainment, the current copyright owners of the AIP catalog.

Make Up Department
  Lola Kent … hair stylist
  Fred B. Phillips … makeup artist

Special Effects Department
  Roger George … special effects



References in Pop Culture:

  • The Simpsons have referenced the character and film Blacula multiple times:
    • In Simpson Tide, Homer is watching TV, and hears an announcer’s voice say “Next, on Exploitation Theatre…Blacula, followed by Blackenstein, and The Blunchblack of Blotre Blame!”
    • In the “I’ve Grown a Costume on Your Face” segment of Treehouse of Horror XVI, Dr. Hibbert dresses as Dracula for Halloween, but Mayor Quimby confuses him for Blacula. When Hibbert appears offended by this, Quimby whispers to his bodyguard “Get him the standard racist remark apology letter. It’s in the middle drawer.”
    • In All’s Fair in Oven War, the Simpsons begin the episode by watching a clip from Blacula Meets Black Dracula, in which both Blacula and Black Dracula are dancing on a disco floor. A white authoritative figure appears, who then turns off the music and states his intent to turn it into a hockey rink. Blacula responds by calling it a “honkey rink” and sucking his blood. Homer then announces that the actor who played Black Dracula is now a congressman from Virginia.
  • In the music video for “Adam’s Song” by blink-182, Tom Delonge wears a Blacula T-shirt.
  • The music video for the Gnarls Barkley song “Who Cares” revolves around the misfortunes of a jaded black vampire character named Blacula.
  • There is a pornographic spoof of Blacula titled, Lust of Blackula.
  • In the novel Anno Dracula, Prince Mamuwalde is mentioned in passing as a notable non-Caucasian vampire.
  • Cartoon Network’s Robot Chicken made a reference to Blacula in one of their sketches, along with Blackenstein and the Black Mummy.
  • The Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 have a song entitled “Back in Blacula” on their album Songs from the Recently Deceased.
  • In the illustrations of Andrew Craven,  Blacula is re-represented in Penny Dreadful and the Blacula Encounter where he is the subject of one of Penny’s decadent adventures.
  • In The Venture Bros. series, Jefferson Twilight is an African-American character (and friend of Dr. Orpheus) who exclusively hunts vampires of any ‘black’ ethnicity (African, African-American, African-British, et cetera) which he refers to as Blaculas.
  • On MADtv there is a parody of Blacula (Aries Spears) who is usually accompanied by the parody of Dr Funkenstein (Keegan-Michael Key).
  • An episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air showed Will Smith going into a dank basement. When Will sees the door creak and the basement storage room is full of 1970s items, he comments, “the door is straight outta Blacula”.
  • In “Billy and Mandy”, Dracula was portrayed as an African American similar to Blacula.
blacula poster

Movie Poster 27x40



From Hell It Came released August 25, 1957


From Hell It Came

From Hell It Came


From Hell It Came is a 1957 horror film and science fiction film directed by Dan Milner and written by Bruce Jay Friedman and Jack Milner. It was released by Allied Artists. According to Tim Healey, it deserves an honoured place in the canon of the world’s worst movies. Starring Tod Andrews, Tina Carver, Linda Watkins, and John McNamara.

from hell it came

Tageline: Frightmare! Born of Jungle Witchcraft! Created by a Curse!


from hell it came DVDPlot:  A wrongfully accused South Seas prince is executed, and returns as a walking tree stump.

Make Up Department
  Carla Hadley … hair stylist
  Harry Thomas … makeup artist



Special Effects Department
  James H. Donnelly … special effects

from hell it came

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (also known as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 & TCM 2) is a 1986 big-budget long-awaited horror sequel to the 1974 horror classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. It is currently the only sequel to show plot-continuity. The film stars Dennis Hopper as “Lefty”, Bill Johnson as “Leatherface”, and Jim Siedow, who once again picks up the role of “The Cook” (whose real name is revealed to be Drayton Sawyer). It was written by L.M. Kit Carson and directed by Tobe Hooper, who also directed and co-wrote the original.

Tagline: After a Decade of Silence…the Buzz is Back


The film is highly criticized by some for its stylistic departure from the first film, which used minimal gore and a low-budget documentary ambiance to scare its audience by skillfully building up dramatic tension. Unlike its predecessor, TCM2 delivers over-the-top, highly stylized gore and features effects from makeup maestro Tom Savini. The emphasis is on black comedy; director Tobe Hooper believed the humor was not appreciated in the first film. While successful in its initial 1986 theatrical release, the film failed to make a substantial profit, but became quite popular on VHS, leading to a Special Edition DVD release in 2006.

Gruesome Edition!

Gruesome Edition!

Make Up Department
  Denise Carfagno … hair stylist
  Candi Duke … makeup artist
  Bart Mixon … special makeup effects artist
  Tom Savini … makeup artist

texas chainsaw massacre 2

Special Effects Department
  Gabriel Bartalos … special effects makeup crew
  Ray Beetz … special effects
  Gino Crognale … special effects makeup crew Goremaster Makeup Effects Manual
  Mitch Devane … special effects makeup crew
  Josh Hakian … special effects foreman
  Gerald McClanahan … special effects
  Shawn McEnroe … special effects makeup crew
  Daniel F. Morris … mechanical special effects
  Joe Quinlivan … special effects
  Ken Sher … special effects
  Todd Smiley … special effects
  Eddie Surkin … special effects coordinator
  John Vulich … special effects makeup crew




Movie Poster 27x40

Movie Poster 27x40


Night of the Creeps released August 22, 1986






Night of the Creeps

Night of the Creeps




Night of the Creeps is a 1986 horror film written and directed by Fred Dekker.  Night of the Creeps stars Tom Atkins, Jason Lively and Jill Whitlow. The film is notable as an earnest attempt at a B movie and a spoof of the genre. While the main plot of the film is related to zombies, the film also mixes in takes on slashers and alien invasion films.

Tagline: “The good news is your dates are here. The bad news is… they’re dead.”


Alien brain parasites, entering humans through the mouth, turn their host into a killing zombie. Some teenagers start to fight against them.

Night of the Creeps (1986)

Night of the Creeps (1986)

Make Up Department
  Howard Berger … makeup effects artist
  Frankie Campbell … hair stylist
  Bonita M. DeHaven … set hair stylist
  Bonita M. DeHaven … set makeup artist
  Earl Ellis … makeup effects artist
  Robert Kurtzman … makeup effects artist
  Tim Lawrence … makeup effects artist
  Charles Lutkus … makeup effects artist
  Mark Maitre … makeup effects artist
  Shawn McEnroe … makeup effects artist
  David B. Miller … makeup effects and creeps design
  Kyle Rae Tucy … makeup artist
  Bruce Zahlava … makeup effects artist






On Blu-ray DVD

On Blu-ray DVD





Special Effects Department
  Roger George … special effects
  Anthony Laudati … dimensional animation effects
  Todd Masters … dimensional animation effects
  Lise Romanoff … special effects assistant
  Anton Rupprecht … dimensional animation effects
  Diana Allen Williams … special effects technician
  Diana Williams … dimensional animation effects

Visual Effects Department
  Michael Karp … motion control operator
  David B. Sharp … supervisor: spaceship interiors
  David Stipes … visual effects supervisor: David Stipes Productions






Movie Poster 27x40

Movie Poster 27x40




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