Haunted Harbor was based on a novel by Ewart Adamson (writing as Dayle Douglas).

The serial was budgeted at $170,099 although the final negative cost was $207,856 (a $37,757, or 22.2%, overspend).

It was filmed between 14 April and 18 May 1944.  The serial’s production number was 1395.

No other Jungle serial was released by Republic for nine years after Haunted Harbor.


This was the last serial adaptation made by Republic.

This was writer Ronald Davidson’s first time as a film producer. His first writing credit is the 1937 Republic serial The Painted Stallion.

Chapter Titles:

  1. Wanted for Murder (25min 1s)
  2. Flight to Danger (15min 33s)
  3. Ladder of Death (15min 33s)
  4. The Unknown Assassin (15min 33s)
  5. Harbor of Horror (15min 33s)
  6. Return of the Fugitive (15min 32s)
  7. Journey into Peril (15min 34s)
  8. Wings of Doom (15min 33s)
  9. Death’s Door (15min 33s)
  10. Crimson Sacrifice (15min 33s)
  11. Jungle Jeopardy (15min 33s)
  12. Fire Trap (15min 34s)
  13. Monsters of the Deep (15min 34s)
  14. High Voltage (15min 34s)
  15. Crucible of Justice (15min 33s)

This serial’s story source was a novel written by Ewart Adamson, using his “non de plume” of Dayle Douglas. The 256-page novel was published by Mystery House of New York on June 12, 1943, and purchased, for $1000, for this serial on December 6, 1943 by Republic Pictures Corporation. This was Republic’s last serial to be adapted from another medium. Every serial that followed was original material written by studio-assigned writers.

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11x17 Poster