War Requiem film

War Requiem is a film adaptation of Benjamin Britten’s musical piece War Requiem. It was shot in 1988 by the British film director Derek Jarman with the 1963 recording as the soundtrack, produced by Don Boyd and financed by the BBC. Decca Records required that the 1963 recording be heard on its own, with no overlaid soundtrack or other sound effects. The film featured Nathaniel Parker as Wilfred Owen, and Laurence Olivier in his last acting appearance in any medium before his death in July 1989. The film is structured as the reminiscences of Olivier’s character, the Old Soldier in a wheelchair, and Olivier recites “Strange Meeting” in the film’s prologue.

The Production Design was done by Lucy Morahan, while Linda Alderson was responsible for the costumes.


  • Laurence Olivier’s final film.
  • First film of Alex Jennings.
  • First film of Nathaniel Parker.