A compilation of three different short films entitled cut box & dumplings by directors from japan korea & china that all deal with the theme of human monstrosity & exploring the outer limits of the macabre. Starring: Bai Ling , Tony Leung Run

Released in:
Hong Kong, Korea (South), Japan

Also known as:
Three Extremes (Singapore, English title)
Three, Monster (Korea (South))

Tagline: From the Nightmares of 3 Horror Masters

Order DVD here!

Order DVD here!

Directed by
  Fruit Chan (segment “Dumplings”)
  Takashi Miike (segment “Box”)
  Chan-wook Park (segment “Cut”)

  Haruko Fukushima Segment “Box”
  Lilian Lee Segment “Dumplings”
  Chan-wook Park Segment “Cut”
  Bun Saikou Story (segment “Box”)