Only $14.99!

Only $14.99!

The Crawling Hand

is a 1963 science fiction film starring Rod Lauren, Peter Breck, Allison Hayes,  and Alan Hale. It was directed by Herbert L. Strock, and was featured on the television shows Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) and The Canned Film Festival.


 The hand of a dead astronaut is possessed by an alien and begins killing people in a small town.

crawling hand 1963

Tagline: It Came From Outer Space!



The MST3K version of the film (accompanied by the uncut film, included as a bonus feature) was also released by Rhino Home Video.



  • Burt Reynolds screen-tested twice for the role as teen character Paul Lawrence, but reportedly performed so woodenly that he was not chosen.
  • The Utter-McKinley-Strother Mortuary where Curran and Weitzberg view the body of Mrs. Hotchkiss either is, or is named after, the mortuary where the funeral of Bela Lugosi was held in 1956.
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