The Horror of Frankenstein is a 1970 British horror film by Hammer Film Productions that is both a semi-parody and remake of the 1957 film The Curse of Frankenstein. It was produced and directed by Jimmy Sangster, starring Ralph Bates, Kate O’Mara, Veronica Carlson and David Prowse as the monster. The original music score was composed by Malcolm Williamson.


Baron Victor von Frankenstein, a cold, arrogant and womanizing genius, is angry when his father forbids him to continue his anatomy experiments. He then sabotages his father’s shotgun, killing him as a consequence. Inheriting the family fortune, he uses the money to enter medical school in Vienna, but is forced to return home when he impregnates the daughter of the Dean. There, he sets up his laboratory, starting a series of experiments involving the revival of the dead, eventually building a composite body from human parts, which he then brings to life.

The Horror of Frankenstein


Kate O'Mara

Kate O'Mara

Ralph Bates … Victor Frankenstein
Kate O’Mara … Alys
Veronica Carlson … Elizabeth Heiss
Dennis Price … The Graverobber
Jon Finch … Lt. Henry Becker
Bernard Archard … Prof. Heiss


Make Up Department
Tom Smith … makeup supervisor
Pearl Tipaldi … hair styles supervisor

Veronica Carlson

Veronica Carlson


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