The Mummy's Shroud

The Mummy’s Shroud is a 1967 horror film made in the UK by Hammer Film Productions. It was directed by Hammer veteran John Gilling.

It stars AndrĂ© Morell and David Buck as explorers who uncover the tomb of an ancient Egyptian mummy. It also starred John Phillips, Maggie Kimberly and Michael Ripper as Longbarrow, in one of his most celebrated roles for the studio. Stuntman Eddie Powell (Christopher Lee’s regular stunt double) played the Mummy, brought back to life to wreak revenge on his enemies.

The uncredited narrator in the prologue is sometimes assumed to be Peter Cushing, although no record exists.

It was the third of Hammer’s four Mummy films, a cycle which began in 1959 with The Mummy, continued with The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb (1964), and ended with Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb (1971). It was the last to feature a bandaged mummy – the final film contained no such character.

It was the final Hammer production to be made at Bray Studios, the company’s home until 1967, when its productions moved to Elstree Studios and occasionally Pinewood.


Peter Cushing is often credited as Narrator, but Hammer Films had no record of who the Narrator is.

David Buck was second choice for Paul Preston.


After more than fifteen years, this became the last Hammer production to be shot at Bray Studios.


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