Tom Savini

Tom Savini


Thomas Vincent Savini (born November 3, 1946 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.) is an American actor, stunt man, director, award-winning special effects and makeup artist. He is known for his work on the Living Dead films directed by George A. Romero, as well as Creepshow, The Burning, The Prowler, and Maniac. He directed the 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead. Though officially retired from special effects, he has continued to direct, produce and star in several movies. Savini has been known to refer movie make-up effects projects to graduates of his school. He is frequently cast in B-movies, appearing in films such as From Dusk Till Dawn and Grindhouse.


Has his own effects company Tom Savini Ltd.

Is good friends with horror director George A. Romero. The two have worked together on many films.

Turned down Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981) to work on The Burning (1981).

Has appeared in both the original and the remake of Dawn of the Dead (1978).

Only man in Hollywood who can claim all four titles of stuntman, make-up artist, actor, and director. Only one man has come close: makeup artist, actor, stuntman Lon Chaney – Tom’s influence and childhood idol.

Is a close friend of stuntman Taso N. Stavrakis.

For his stunt work, his reference is action legend Jackie Chan.

Turned down the chance to direct Pet Sematary (1989).

Has a haunted house, Terrormania, also located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The students from the classes he has perform and work in the haunted house.

Has a make-up/special effects school in Monesson, Pennsylvania (Douglas School of Business).

Was supposed to play the part of the second biker in Oliver Stone’s U Turn (1997), after Stone saw him in From Dusk Till Dawn (1996). But due to scheduling conflict, Stone cast his producer Richard Rutowski in that part instead.

His role in Sea of Dust (2008) (Prester John) was written by Scott Bunt with Savini in mind.

Vietnam veteran.

Is the only actor to star in three ‘Dead’ films; he first played the role of ‘Blades’, an outlaw biker in Dawn of the Dead (1978) and then in the 2004 remake of Dawn as a County Sheriff. He then reprised his ‘Blades’ role in Land of the Dead (2005), this time as an undead.

Is a skilled fencer.

Was originally supposed to be a special effects make-up artist on Night of the Living Dead (1968), but was drafted to Vietnam just before filming began.

Provided his voice to the horror game “City of the Dead” – a spin-off to George A. Romero’s Dead films, but the game’s distributer Hip Interactive went bankrupt, and the game was never released (2006).

Has a son named Lon and a daughter named Chaney in tribute to his hero Lon Chaney.Huge fan of Professional Wrestling.


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